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Most of the market analysts have been wrong about lentil prices… again. During the early stages of harvest, analysts were correctly pointing out that lentil yields were better than expected. Lentils prices dropped after most of the crop was in the bin, but in recent weeks prices have again defied predictions and have steadily increased. Both large green lentils and red lentils are now being quoted at prices over 30 cents a pound. In fact, there are quotes as high as 32 and 33 cents as pound. The average yield for lentils across the province is about 1350 pounds an acre, but there were also instances of yields of 2500 pounds and better. I talked to one producer with exceptional yields who had marketed the crop at upwards of 40 cents. His gross return was in the $1,200 an acre range. While that return is rare, lots of producers will gross more than $400 an acre. When you compare lentils with yellow peas at only $5 or $6 a bushel, you have to think next year will see a continuing shift from peas to lentils in the regions of the province where lentils are a viable cropping option. I’m Kevin Hursh.