There sure isn’t much snow cover anywhere in Saskatchewan. Since the middle of November, except for a few minor exceptions, precipitation has been well below normal. An area along the Alberta border west of Maple Creek is about normal and there’s a spot south of Melville that show up as about normal, but everywhere else has been dry. In fact, most of the Saskatchewan grain belt has had less than 40 per cent of normal precipitation over the past month and that means very little snow on the ground. We’ve certainly had some cold weather and that increases cattle feeding requirements, but the limited snow cover has been good for grazing cattle on stockpiled forages. The precipitation maps show almost the entire agricultural area of Manitoba is also at less than 40 percent of normal precip for the past month. Alberta shows a different picture. East central Alberta has been dry and so has the Peace River region. The rest of Alberta has had normal to above normal precip, which means substantially more snow than any where else on the Prairies. I’m Kevin Hursh.