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GET PAID $4/acre 
For your malt barley data with purchase of Optimize RX™

Decisive Farming is looking for growers who are currently NOT using Variable Rate Technology (VRT) on their malt barley acres, in order to further understand the impact Optimize RX achieves in the first year of implementation.

“As farmers know, making high yielding low protein malt barley is tricky business.  Weather plays a key role, but working with the right agronomics will give growers the best chance of success,” said Garth Donald, Manager of Agronomy at Decisive Farming.  Previous independent third-party data shows the benefit of an Optimize RX program on fertilizer and seed with malt barley, as increasing overall profitability by an average of 48% through increased yield, reduced protein and increased plumpness, above those not using Optimize RX.

“Decisive Farming is extremely excited to be the first to offer Canadian farmers real value for their farm data by not only paying them for it, but also by using the data to directly benefit the farm with increased quality and production. It’s a double win for growers,” said Remi Schmaltz, CEO of Decisive Farming.

30,000 acres are available for the 2020 crop year and acres are available on a first come, first served basis. Program deadline is April 2020.

For more details, contact Elise Dubourg: 403-479-3637 or elise@decisivefarming.com