The latest edition of the Pulse Market Report has just been released by Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. I enjoy market analysis and I applaud this effort by Sask. Pulse Growers. However, I get frustrated when market analysts ask more questions than they answer. In this report, producers are advised a couple of times to analyse the markets for peas and lentils and come to their own conclusions about market directions. Isn’t that the job of the market analyst? The market report initiative grew from a realization that Saskatchewan farmers are huge players in the green lentil market, yet we don’t exercise much market discipline. It was believed that regular analysis of the market would enable producers to make better marketing decisions. The report soon expanded to cover the other pulse crops as well. While the concept is sound, market analysts need to stick their neck out and call it like they see it. Simply reciting all the bullish factors and all the bearish factors is of limited value. Give me firm opinions and clear recommendations. No one should expect a market analyst to be right all the time, but it’s reasonable to expect analysis that comes to some sort of conclusions. I’m Kevin Hursh.

Kevin Hursh, PAg, CAC

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