The Flax Council of Canada has posted another update on the GMO issue. The European Union has endorsed a Flax Protocol which describes the system of sampling, testing and documentation pertaining to the presence of CDC Triffid in shipments of Canadian flaxseed to Europe. Canadian labs are being validated so they can test samples to make sure they’re free of Triffid before export. Producers are being asked to take representative samples of their flax. In the next few days, the Flax Council says it will provide producers with instructions as to how and where to get samples tested. Producers are being assured that if Triffid is discovered the industry will assist the producer in moving the flax into a market that will accept it without penalty. The aim is to make sure that Triffid is eliminated and doesn’t reappear in Canadian shipments. There’s no word yet on how all the testing will be paid for. The Flax Council is hopeful that labs will be validated and sufficient testing will be conducted in time for flax shipments to Europe to resume before the close of navigation on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Despite the major disruption in flax exports, flax bids have been improving. Of course, there’s a lot of flax that’s yet to be harvested. I’m Kevin Hursh.