Most producers would love the opportunity to turn back the clock and redo some of their new crop marketing decisions. Red lentil contract prices were over 35 cents a pound for quite some time in the late spring. Prices now are in the mid-20s. Before Christmas, yellow mustard contracts were available at around 40 cents a pound. The current price is about 30 if you can find a bid. Back in June, the Fixed Price Contract for No. 1 spring wheat with 13.5 per cent protein hit a peak of $300 a tonne basis port position. At the time, that was only about $15 a tonne better than the Pool Return Outlook, so it didn’t look overly attractive. Since that time, wheat prices have steadily declined. That fixed price is now nearly $1.50 a bushel above the August Pool Return Outlook. A new PRO comes out on Thursday and it’s likely to be even lower. On malting barley, some Cash Plus contracts were signed at prices around $5 a bushel, which is about $1.50 above the expected pool price. New crop canola could have been locked in at prices of around $10.50, as compared to the current price of $8.50. Hindsight is always 20/20, but there’s been a lot of money left on the table. I’m Kevin Hursh. for more information on farm management visit

Kevin Hursh PAg, CAC