Saskatchewan and the feds have finally signed the new Growing Forward bilateral agreements. This is for agriculture programming outside of the farm safety net programs. The new Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program will be popular and so will the support for farm business planning. With the new agreement, support will again be available for BMPs, Best Management Practices for producers who have an approved Environmental Farm Plan. This time around, PCAB, the Provincial Council of Agriculture Development and Diversification Boards will be administering the entire program including payments to producers. Last time, payments were handled by the PFRA. It’s going to take a while for PCAB to get everything up and running. Producers have to be approved before they spend any money, so don’t expect to get support for a new GPS guidance system before seeding. Support under the program for GPS guidance is 30 per cent to a maximum of $15,000. Establishment of shelterbelts garners 50 per cent support. Up to 75 per cent is available for erosion control projects as well as capping and sealing old water wells. The overall maximum for an individual producer doing a number of eligible projects is $50,000. More information on the eligible BMPs is available at I’m Kevin Hursh.