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Alliance Grain Traders has announced the purchase of Parent Seed Farms of Manitoba. Parent is big in dry edible beans – navy beans, pinto beans, black beans and coloured beans. The two processing plants are located near St. Joseph, about a hundred kilometers south of Winnipeg. The purchase price is $10 million. A lot of producers don’t realize how large Alliance Grain Traders has become. The Saskcan main plant is located in Regina. Also in Regina is the Saskcan Agtech plant. Alliance also owns Arbel, the largest exporter of pulses in Turkey. The facilities in Turkey also include durum semolina, pasta and bulgar wheat. Across Saskatchewan, Alliance has the Saskcan Pulse Depot plant east of Rosetown as well as the processing plant north of Rosetown. Then there’s the Saskcan Horizon plant at Aberdeen and the Saskcan Milestone facility. Down under, Alliance has the Australia Milling Group plant. In Williston, North Dakota, Alliance has the United Pulse Trading plant. When it comes to pulse crops, Alliance, based in Regina and headed by Murad Al-Katib, has become a prominent worldwide player. I’m Kevin Hursh.