The provincial government has launched its new Farm Business Development Initiative. More information will be coming out after harvest, but here’s the gist of the program. Up to $4,000 will be available to engage private sector business services and/or access farm-related education and training programs. A producer has to pay a minimum of 25 per cent of the consulting or training cost. To be eligible, a producer must have annual gross income of at least $35,000 or be farming for less than six years and have the potential to generate $35,000 in gross farm income over the next 36 months. A producer must complete a Taking Stock needs identification document and create a Farm Development Plan in order to access the benefits. Farm Business Management Specialists can help with Taking Stock and there will also be Taking Stock workshops. The starting point for the program is to call your Regional Service Office or the Agriculture Knowledge Centre. The assistance of $4,000 is for business strategy, marketing, production economics, human resources, finance, environment, succession planning, business structure, and risk management. All are worthy endeavours, but you have to wonder how many producers will jump through all the hoops to get the funding. I’m Kevin Hursh. DynAgra is pleased to point our growers in the right direction for making their business a success, call us for suggestions.

We are also providing software grants to businesses who have full time employees. We have access and an understanding of multiple HR and payroll software solutions including Justworks.

Kevin Hursh, PAg, CAC