Producers are always interested in farm input costs, but it’s tough to get broad-based information. One good source is the website for Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. They’ve long been monitoring a wide variety of farm input costs – everything from the price of tractors to the price of barbed wire. The input prices are collected by Wild Rose Agricultural Producers and put together by the Statistics and Data Development Unit of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. The stats for January were recently released. They show a gradual rise in prices for urea fertilizer since last November. Phosphate prices, on the other hand were quite flat through January. Roundup Weathermax herbicide fell sharply between December and January. Certified barley and wheat seed have been falling in price. However, herbicide tolerant canola seed has been rising sharply in price. There are charts and graphs that go back for a number of years. Just check out the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development website. I’m Kevin Hursh.