The choice of Greg Marshall as the new head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders is going to have some interesting ramifications for Greg Marshall, the president of APAS, the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan.  In this football crazy province, the coach of the Roughriders gets more media attention than almost anyone else. This attention can be overwhelmingly positive or negative depending how the team is doing. As the group that purports to be the umbrella farm organization for the province, APAS is constantly working to increase its profile. Greg Marshall is doing a good job at the helm and APAS is gradually gaining credibility after a number of difficulties in its earlier years. Unfortunately, no matter what the APAS president does, he’s not going to be the household name that the new coach of the Riders will be. The situation is reminiscent of the Paul Martin confusion. Saskatchewan business commentator Paul Martin could joke about sharing the same name with Former Prime Minister and federal finance minister Paul Martin. APAS president Greg Marshall may need to have a sense of humor too. I’m Kevin Hursh.

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