The storm system racing through Alberta and Saskatchewan is not going to drop enough rain and snow to erase the huge moisture deficit on the western Prairies, but it’s a start. The system has had some tremendous wind speeds. Combined with snow, that has created some stormy conditions. However, the precipitation amounts being reported and the amounts still expected won’t add up to a great deal of water in most areas. The good news is that the weather pattern seems to have changed and there’s a bit more moisture forecast for the days ahead. March came in like a lamb and went out like a lamb and was pretty lamb-like for the whole month. That was favourable for the cattle producers that were in the midst of their calving season, but it isn’t normal weather. Usually at some point in March, you get a good storm or two. It’s been drying out way too fast in the western Prairie. While winds of 80 to 100 km an hour are never useful, it’s great to see some weather disturbances that at least tease us with a bit of moisture. I’m Kevin Hursh.