Variable rate technology enhances the way you farm. Use precise nutrient information to get optimal performance from your crops while elevating stewardship of your land. Through a collaborative approach to best management practices, you’ll experience tailored advice in variable rate fertilizer and seeding, soil testing and agronomy.

Let’s Explore It Together

Work better, not harder

Make decisions confidently with tailored recommendations driven by our research and your experience. Make each and every choice on your farm a strategic one.

Production Efficiency

Improve your overall crop input efficiency through tailored solutions, from variable rate applications to soil testing and agronomy. Rest easy knowing you’re making the most out of each farmable zone.

Variability is key

Soil quality can vary in important ways. Acknowledging the fact, you have variable yield potential across the farm is the first step to strategically managing your fields.

Optimize RX®

Complete solution for variable rate fertilizer and seeding applications.


Consistent and reliable soil testing providing reliable measure of nutrient requirements.


Total communication between your GPS, controller and seeding equipment.