With the massive seeding delay, what kind of acreage shifts might there be? Will total seeded acreage in Saskatchewan be down by two million or five million acres? It’s logical to believe there will now be more barley and oats seeded since they require less days to maturity. This may come at the expense of durum and spring wheat. There may be some shift in favour of canola, but you also have to think that canola will be affected a great deal by how many acres don’t get seeded. Canaryseed is an interesting case since Saskatchewan production is the major determining factor for prices. It’s natural for producers to switch to more canaryseed in a late, wet spring and you hear about producers going that route. However, you also hear about producers who are now avoiding canaryseed because the price has dropped all the way down to 13 cents a pound and less. Mustard is a similar situation. It’s relatively short season, but prices are disappointing. Statistics Canada will release an estimate of crop area on June 23. Unfortunately, that survey is done so far in advance of the 23rd that it won’t capture all the last-minute decisions. I’m Kevin Hursh.

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