Grains, oilseeds, specialty crops, cattle and hogs. In almost all cases, the price levels are substantially better than they were a year ago. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture publishes a report that compares current commodity prices to those of the previous year. Feed barley at about $3.50 a bushel is a full dollar above last year. Current canola prices of well over $12 are more than $4 better than last year at this time. Yellow mustard is 31 cents versus 22 last year. Canaryseed is 26 cents versus 16. Yellow peas are $7.25 a bushel as compared to less than $5. Red lentils are a notable exception. They’re currently at around 20 cents versus 28 cents last year. Cattle prices have seen a major improvement over the past year. Feeder steers in the 700 to 800 pound weight range are averaging about $1.27 a pound as compared to just $1.00 a pound a year ago. D1 – D2 cows are averaging 73 cents, more than 20 cent a pound higher than last year. Hog prices are sitting in profitable territory at about $150 per CKG, versus $127 at this time last year. For the grains industry, an important report will be released tomorrow. The March 31 USDA Grain Stocks and Prospective Plantings Report could be a market mover.

I’m Kevin Hursh.

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