At the recent SARM convention, the provincial government announced $500,000 for a Beaver Control Program. It’s a one-year pilot program. SARM has now announced the program guidelines. The program will pay $15 for the removal of each adult beaver in participating RMs with the RM responsible to at least match the $15. So a minimum of $30 will be available for the removal of each problem beaver. To participate, RMs are required to submit an application by May 31. RMs must also pass a bylaw allowing beavers to be hunted in the municipality. About 150 RMs have already completed the process. Beaver tails will to be delivered to designated RM officials as proof. With high water levels, many regions are reporting all sorts of problems with beavers. Their dams are leading to additional flooding. When the provincial government initially announced the funding, it was also supposed to help with the removal of beaver dams. Dam removal was dropped apparently because there’s already a program in place through the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority for channel clearing. Some producers are disappointed saying that program is painfully slow and full of legal requirements.

I’m Kevin Hursh.