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Canadian beef is subject to country of origin labeling laws in the U.S. However, people who have shopped in American supermarkets often say that they don’t see beef that’s labeled as Canadian. One of the reasons is that much of the Canadian beef goes into the service industry – hotels and restaurants where it doesn’t require labeling. Why can’t we label and promote Canadian beef as a premium product in the U.S. marketplace? The Beef Information Centre has made some progress in that regard. Stonefire Grill, described as a fast-casual dining chain, is the first restaurant chain in the U.S. to actively promote Canadian beef. With seven locations in southern California, Stonefire Grill offers a Canadian tri tip on its menu and has added the Canadian beef brand mark to its marketing materials. According to the Beef Information Centre, tri tip is an undervalued cut in Canada compared to regional markets in the U.S. Canadian tri tip is just one of the options offered to guests who want to dine-in or have a take-out meal, but it’s a success story for the Beef Information Centre which is funded in part by cattle producers through the National Beef Check-off.
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