The price projections for wheat and durum have dimmed a bit over the past month. In the Pool Return Outlooks released yesterday, most grades of wheat are down 20 to 25 cents a bushel in this crop year and 60 to 70 cents a bushel in the new crop year. The drops are greater on durum. Durum is down 40 to 50 cents a bushel for this crop year, while the new crop PRO is down more than a dollar on the main grades as compared to the projection made in February. For No. 1 CWRS wheat with 12.5 per cent protein, the new crop price projection, after deducting average Saskatchewan freight and handling, comes to about $7.11 a bushel, just slightly more than the price expected in the current crop year. On No. 1 durum with 12.5 per cent protein, the new crop price projection has declined to about $7.51 a bushel, after average freight and handling. So, durum is still expected to establish a new crop price premium over spring wheat, but the premium has declined since last month. The new crop PRO on malting barley is down 20 cents, giving a price for two-row of $5.61 a bushel. That number will be of interest to producers who are considering any Cash Plus offerings. Markets have been extremely volatile, and goodness knows what the PRO might look like a month from now when the next one is released.

I’m Kevin Hursh.

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