Are you frustrated yet? It has become the year of never-ending rain. And frost is in the forecast. Precipitation maps from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada show that in the thirty days leading up to September 9, about 80 per cent of the Saskatchewan grain belt had more than two times normal rainfall. Since September 9, there’s been more rain. In fact, at the end of last week some central areas had two, four or even six inches more rain. Producers there say a lot of roads have been lost so just getting to fields will be an issue. Getting around with the combine will be really touchy. And rain continues to be in the forecast, especially for southern areas. It seems that every time even a percentage chance of showers is predicted, the showers do in fact materialize. The next issue is frost. Environment Canada is predicting widespread frost on Friday morning. Lows ranging all the way to minus four are predicted depending upon location. The forecast could change before Friday, but for quite some time meteorologists have been pointing to this week as the likely time for the first killing frost. Frost this week would actually be later than average for most areas, but unfortunately many crops are well behind normal development. I’m Kevin Hursh.

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