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The latest farm income numbers from Statistics Canada show that 2008 was an amazing year for Saskatchewan grain farmers. Saskatchewan’s total farm receipts were somewhat lower than Ontario and Alberta, but our realized net farm income was the highest by far. Realized net income takes all expenses including depreciation into account. For 2008, Saskatchewan’s realized net farm income topped $1.5 billion – the largest ever, at least in nominal terms. Alberta, where livestock is much more important, had a realized net farm income of $452 million. Back in 1973, Saskatchewan topped $1.1 billion and the following year was nearly $1.4 billion. There was another big year in 1981 when realized net farm income again topped a billion dollars. If you account for inflation, those years would be bigger. However, 2008 is very impressive when you consider there was a $1.8 billion increase in the value of inventory at the end of the year. This largely represents the value of carried over grain. When you add that to the realized net income, the total net income reaches $3.45 billion. Of course, you don’t have to go back many years to find dismal farm income numbers. Realized net farm income in the province was negative $124 million back in 2003. I’m Kevin Hursh.