When you examine the mix of crops in Saskatchewan area by area, there are a number of surprises. The 2008 stats for individual crop districts are the latest available. However, you can assume 2009 has the same trends. What area of the province do you think is the biggest for fall rye? By a wide margin, that’s the Leader area. What about field peas? While field peas used to be a crop of the northern grain belt, the biggest acreage is now in the crop district that stretches from Swift Current and north, followed by the crop district that runs from Assiniboia and along the American border. The Assiniboia crop district also has the biggest acreage of lentils followed by the Moose Jaw to Regina crop district and then the crop district around Kindersley. Are there any crop districts which grow more mustard than canola? In 2008, there were two. The Maple Creek area grew slightly more mustard than canola, but the crop district where mustard really dwarfed canola was around Shaunavon. Canaryseed production is concentrated in two areas – Kindersley and the crop district that includes Moose Jaw and Regina. Which crop district has the most summerfallow? I would have assumed one of the southern most crop districts. The biggest acreage in ‘08 was actually in the Kindersley area. That area will show even more summerfallow in the ‘09 stats because of the early season drought. I’m Kevin Hursh. For up to date commodity prices visit www.dynagra.com

Kevin Hursh PAg, CAC