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In eastern parts of Saskatchewan, there’s lots of water lying around and in some areas you can still find some snow. On the western side of the province, the snow is gone and except for the extreme southwest corner, there’s very little water anywhere. The same dry conditions cover most of Alberta. The application of granular herbicide products has been happening, as winds will allow. There are even some widely scattered reports of a bit of seed going into the ground, although it’s very early for that to be happening. Producers in the western Prairies are hoping the folklore is correct about fogs bringing rain. There were lots of foggy days a month or two ago. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to take folklore to the bank. Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc. in Kansas has a daily weather report about the Canadian Prairies to which many producers subscribe. For the western Prairies, he’s calling for lots of wind later this week. There doesn’t appear to be any significant rain in sight for the region, but Lerner believes rain will increase later this spring. Of course, the question is when and how much. I’m Kevin Hursh.