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For the week of June 26 – July 3 in wheat crops we’re seeing the following diseases:

Septoria Leaf Blotch: Yellow flecks – to brown blotches
Tan Spot: Tan-Brown Flecks (similar to leaf blotch)
Stripe Rust: Yellow/orange elongated pustules

In barley crops we’re finding:

Septoria Leaf Blotch: Yellow flecks – to brown blotches
Net Blotch: Light green blotches or brown spots – brown streaks – net like appearance
Spot Blotch: brown spots – dark brown blotches
Scald: Water soaked gray-green spots – bleached with brown margins.

Some products that can help reduce the risk of spreading the disease or causing degradation of seed quality:
Tilt/Bumper/Proline/Stratego/Folicure (preventative foliar spray) – Timing is before flag leaf stage
Headline/Folicure/Prosaro – Timing here is at flag leaf – 75% Wheat heads emerged – This application will also supress seed disease such as fusarium head blight.