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From Maureen Broadhead, Decisive Farming Agronomist

It’s all about the stage of the canola this week as farmers are applying fungicides to suppress the spread of sclerotinia. The timing we’re looking at is when the crop is at 30% Bloom. This is when there are 20 flowers open on the main stem (the most coverage before petal drop).

While canola is in full bloom (50% +) you may want to sweep your crop for pests; lygus bug and cabbage seed pod weevil (CSPW). Economic thresholds for lygus are 15 lygus/10 sweeps. Economic threshold for CSPW 3-4 weevils/sweep.

Cereal crops are at flag leaf and starting to head out for those who have yet to apply their fungicide the window to do so is closing in.