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According to information compiled by Canfax and reported by Saskatchewan Agriculture, calf prices through Saskatchewan auction markets continued to strengthen last week. This was especially true for lightweight feeder calves where average prices were up about 7.5 cents a pound as compared to the previous week. Prices are significantly better than last year at this time and the best they’ve been in many years. In the 300 to 400 pound weight range, steer calves averaged nearly $1.46 a pound, while 400 to 500 pound steers were nearly $1.42. These prices are 25 to 28 cents a pound higher than what was reported a year ago. In the 500 to 600 pound weight range, steer calves last week sold for an average of $1.28, which is 21 cents better than last year. In the 600 to 700 pound range, prices last week were $1.18, compared to an average of $1.02 last year. There’s also more money in selling cull cows. The price last week for D1 / D2 cows was nearly 57 cents a pound, 10 to 15 cents above last year. The volume of feeder calves hitting the market is still light, but price levels bode well for the heavier calf run in the weeks ahead. I’m Kevin Hursh.

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