It’s never fun at the time, but now it’s fascinating to look back at the pictures. The 2010 growing season must have set records for farm equipment mired in the mud. You’ve probably seen some of those shots circulating by email. In case you’ve haven’t discovered it, there’s a website set up with scores of amazing photos of combines, grain carts, tractors and high clearance sprayers stuck deep in mud holes. There are even some track hoes that are practically submerged. The website has been set up by Flaman Sales and they’re taking votes on the best photos with prizes to be awarded. The website is Voting takes place until December 20. Almost everyone got some piece of equipment stuck at some point this year. In some areas, farmers were getting stuck a dozen times a day. With digital photos and cell phone cameras and easy transfer by email, sharing that sinking feeling has never been easier. Somehow it’s comforting to see that someone else got equipment stuck even worse than you did. Check out

I’m Kevin Hursh.

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