Consistent and Reliable Results

Sure-Check™ Soil testing uses the same quality-assured process for every test, ensuring a reliable measure of nutrient requirements from one year to the next. Results are checked and used to develop agronomic recommendations for your fields.

Simple, Streamlined, Effective

 Benchmarked Sampling

GPS-referenced test points ensure an accurate representation of your field.

Top & Sub-Core Samples

0-6” and 6-24” soil analysis for each benchmarked point.

Accredited Lab Analysis

Includes in-depth analysis of over 20 different soil characteristics.

Agronomic Recommendations

Custom fertility plans to match your equipment capabilities and production goals.

Flexible Scheduling

Soil test results available to meet your deadlines for fertilizer purchase and application.

Team of Experts

Our knowledgeable agronomists and technicians are available to provide direct answers to your questions.

My Farm Manager

Track the progress of your Sure-check services and easily access all your farm data in one place.

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