The National Farmers Union has generated a lot of attention by its efforts to block a comprehensive trade deal between Canada and the European Union. The NFU claims to have received a secret draft of the text and they say the deal would be bad news for Canadian agriculture. Perhaps the revelation raising the most concern is that Canada would have to adopt a tougher form of Plant Breeders’ Rights. The NFU is also worried about the future of supply management and the Canadian Wheat Board. It’s interesting to note that the Grain Growers of Canada has a completely different view. Representing a large number of grain based groups across the country, the Grain Growers issued a news release last Friday to support the deal. They claim to have been closely consulted at every step of the negotiations by both federal and provincial negotiators. According to Grain Growers of Canada president Doug Robertson, “Grains, oilseeds and pulse growers as well as our beef and pork producers all have a lot to gain with increased market access to the huge EU market.” With any trade deal, there’s always give and take. However, a deal with the EU is unlikely to be as scary as what the NFU is saying.

 I’m Kevin Hursh.

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