October has been good for a lot of grain prices. Minneapolis spring wheat futures have gone from $4.75 a bushel to nearly $5.50. December oats were below $2 a bushel and now they’re around $2.50. December corn futures have been rising since the last week of September. They’ve gone from around $3.15 a bushel to over $3.75. November soybeans have rallied from below $9 a bushel to around $10. Of course, the value of the Canadian dollar has been on a tear in October, largely due to a sagging American greenback. This has mitigated any grain price rally on this side of the border. Still, there’s been an uptick in November canola futures. They’ve gone from below $370 a tonne to around $390. Some analysts say that any upside potential is limited and producers should watch for pricing opportunities. Others believe the economic recovery is going to continue to drive all commodity prices upwards. As usual, economists and analysts don’t really know what’s going to happen next, but stock markets around the world have been showing a lot of strength. I’m Kevin Hursh.