The returns far outweigh the cost.

– Doug Heritage


Heritage Farms needed a partner that could deliver solutions to their farm in a timely manner and get things right the first time. Allan Smirl, the manager of Heritage Farms for more than ten years, takes care of the day to day operations. He wanted a product that could track applications throughout the growing season, plus the ability to collaborate with service providers, including an independent agronomist. Allan and Heritage Farms also wanted to ensure that their yield data was captured, in order to review results and make informed decisions in the coming years.


Decisive Farming forged a partnership with Heritage Farms back in 2014. A whole-farm approach, combined with a team that’s focused on partnership, enables agronomic support like agronomic consultation prior to seeding, crop marketing support, variable rate solutions and harvest review analysis. The farm utilizes Decisive Farming’s full suite of products – Optimize RX™, Know-Risk™ Premium, and Harvest Review.


Communications across Heritage Farms is stronger than ever. Doug Heritage, his farm manager, Allan Smirl, and their operators, scouts and agronomists now work closer than ever without missing a beat. Heritage Farms can now ensure the recording of applications and review their history at the click of a button. On top of that, they can review and act on agronomy, budget and crop marketing plans from anywhere, at any time.

“I’m empowered to make in-depth management decisions that directly influence my bottom line.”

What’s your #MyFarmVictory

Let’s get to work. Together.

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