We see great added value

– Glenn Vercaigne


Vercaigne Farms, run by Dale and Glenn Vercaigne and their families, needed precision ag solutions that would fit their whole farm. At the outset of their precision journey, they were unsure whether their equipment would be compatible, especially with multiple drills — each had their own set of metrics and capabilities. But they knew they wanted to have the power to implement farm-wide decisions quickly, and they aspired to work more closely with their farm team and service providers. So, back in 2015, they partnered with Decisive Farming.


To exceed Vercaigne Farms’ requirements, we focused on delivering unparalleled on-farm customer support. With our unmatched customer support designed to simplify precision agriculture, their crop plans and inputs aligned with the capabilities of their equipment and production goals. Decisive agronomists and technicians truly became an extension of the Vercaigne Farm team and provided fertility recommendations, mid-season visits and harvest support – all backed by in-depth discussions and knowledge of the farm.


The Vercaigne brothers know that investments almost always pay off for their farm. After their investment into precision ag, they now sleep easier, knowing they have all the knowledge to make the best decisions for their farm. They now utilize our variable rate solution, Optimize RX™, our crop marketing tool Know-Risk™, and our in-depth, farm-wide analysis, Harvest Review, across their entire operation. The Vercaigne Farms team can continue to make decisions confidently to get the most out of each farmable zone with tailored recommendations driven by our research and their experience.

“We see great added value and results year-round thanks to an excellent fertility package.”

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