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It would be interesting to know what percentage of the population still subscribes to the global warming theory. Following yesterday’s commentary, I was expecting lots of emails telling me how terrible it is that I’m a sceptic. Well, I only received emails of support and these were from people who have obviously researched and thought about the issue. One email pointed out that the glaciers and arctic ice sheets have been melting for the past 200 years, but we’ve only recently started paying attention. This person also points out that science is not a democracy. The number of scientists who believe versus disbelieve is irrelevant. Throughout history, it has often taken just one scientist to disprove a widely held viewpoint. Another email points out that most of the Antarctic has actually been getting cooler. “Global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions was bad science from the start and continues to be more discredited every day,” says another email. It goes on to say that our politicians need to be intelligent enough to change their minds when the science changes. That’s an interesting point. There doesn’t seem to be many politicians with the guts to challenge the global warming theory. They must all be afraid of the environmentalist backlash. I’m Kevin Hursh.


Kevin Hursh, PAg, CAC