The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association has instructed lawyers to commence legal action against the Canadian Wheat Board and eight of its directors for their misuse of farmers’ money.

The Wheat Growers have had enough with the CWB, and finally felt that it was time to take action.  They are prepared to take all the necessary steps to stop the CWB from exploiting farmers’ hard eared money for political reasons, including the CWB’s choice to take legal action against the federal Minister of Agriculture. The CWB has no right to use farmers’ funds to advance a political agenda, and if they want to pursue legal action, they should do so with their own money. They may find themselves having to fix bad credit after the situation runs its course. By taking this action, the Wheat Growers are hoping that this will allow for the freedom to sell their own grain.

To read the news release click on the link.

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