For a number of years, sheep production has been profitable. For a number of years, cow-calf producers and hog producers have faced difficult times. Cattle and hog numbers have been dropping. You’d think sheep numbers would be increasing, but there has been no significant expansion. Alberta Lamb Producers has launched a campaign to increase lamb production in that province. With many other livestock producers re-evaluating their operations, Alberta Lamb Producers wants everyone to be aware of opportunities with sheep. Unfortunately, very few cattle and hog producers are likely to make the switch. Lamb production doesn’t have the windfall profits that elk and bison enjoyed when the breeding stock market was hot. There’s money to be made in sheep for efficient producers, but it isn’t a get-rich-quick kind of enterprise. There’s also the worry that past performance may not be indicative of future returns. While there’s never any guarantee, the lamb market is different than the other sectors. Hogs and cattle are heavily reliant on exports. With lamb, Canada doesn’t produce enough to meet the domestic demand. Stores and restaurants are forced to look outside the country for their product. There should be room for the Canadian sheep industry to grow and still remain profitable. I’m Kevin Hursh.