Not all young farmers are home grown. Just look at this year’s nominees for Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmers program. Two of the three nominees are imports. The home grown nominee is Ryan and Jennifer Wilfing who run Wilfing Farms Ltd. of Meadow Lake. Ryan grew up on the family farm that his grandfather homesteaded. Today Ryan and his wife Jennifer are pedigreed seed growers with their own seed cleaning plant. Another nominee is Art and Elaine Pruim. They moved to Saskatchewan from B.C. in 1998, buying land near Osler to establish a dairy operation. By continually increasing their quota and cows, the Pruims now have a 400 head dairy. The third nominee for Saskatchewan OYF is also an import. Frank Groeneweg grew up on a grain farm in central France and went to work on an Iowa farm at age 19. In Iowa, Frank met his wife Kari, who was from Alberta. Seeking opportunity, they bought land near Edgeley, Saskatchewan and have established a large grain farm. This year’s nominees to Saskatchewan OYF show that Saskatchewan is a land of opportunity for farmers that have grown up here as well as for producers from other provinces and countries. I’m Kevin Hursh.

Kevin Hursh, PAg, CAC