Know-Risk™ provides the tools, expertise and personalized support you need to be proactive in the market, while protecting your farm’s margins.

Manage margin. Not price.

Global Markets Experience

Our senior risk management team works directly with your farm to provide one-on-one support to create a plan you can be confident in. Our partner INTL FCStone®, a global Fortune 500 company, is a leading global franchise in risk management products and provides services in almost every major agriculture market in the world.

Customized Market Plans

Your personal advisor guides you to develop a customized plan that meets your cash flow, risk tolerance and margin objectives.

Account Management

Capture time-sensitive market opportunities and receive expert advice managing your marketing decisions.

Workshops and Training

Gain knowledge through webinars, workshops, daily market reports and 1:1 meetings with an advisor.

Your Crop Marketing Toolbox

My Farm Manager™ web tools make it easy to be in control with a comprehensive set of tools to track and analyze your market position and overall farm profit. Whether you’re in your office or in the field, you’re always in touch.

Market Valuation

My Farm Manager™ tracks and calculates the current market value of your profit margins including all physical and financial hedge positions as well as quantities yet to be hedged.

Dashboard Monitoring

Track key performance indicators such as farm profit, contracts, hedge status, and overall marketing performance for each of your crops.

Integrated Crop Plans

Market positions automatically sync with your current crops plans, providing a realistic picture of your financial position with minimal data entry.

Hedge Plan Tracking

Track your profit margin in your customized marketing plan. Receive alerts when time targets are reached and when your profit margin is in range of target values.

What-if Profit Analysis

Discover how changes in price, yield, and options and futures contract scenarios will affect your overall profit margins.

Physical Risk Management Products

The physical products offered by FCStone Merchant Services, LLC (FMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of INTL FCStone Inc., allow you to mitigate price risk and simplify your marketing.  You’ll get professional marketing tools without the complexity or margin requirements associated with traditional hedging, and without being locked into a single elevator. Maximum flexibility will help you achieve the most advantageous price for your crops.

Diversify your marketing approach with these products:

Merchants Plus: Professionally Managed Marketing Program

  • Margin-free, hassle-free, and emotion-free

  • Commit/sell physical production to FMS

  • FMS professionals, with combined experience over 150 years, will price the physical futures portion of your risk (excluding basis)

  • Benefit from strategies derived from OTC & option products

  • Freedom to shop your basis and deliver to the elevator of your choice*

  • Daily program pricing along with additional risk analysis and weekly commentary available here

Flexible Cash Contracts: Futures First, Minimum Price Contracts, Min/Max Price Contracts, and More

  • Physically settled contracts where the hedge price is established, but without basis

  • Margin-free

  • Basis is established at your discretion during the contract’s lifespan in conjunction with FMS

  • Basis is matched to your preferred delivery location*

  • Maximizes your flexibility to choose the pricing products that fit your risk profile and shop your basis

Exclusive discounts on FMS products are offered to Know-Risk™ customers

*FMS will deliver to all elevators they can onboard and that are willing to accept delivery. FMS cannot guarantee all elevators are willing to participate.

“They afforded our farm the opportunity to expand our marketing knowledge and risk management tools.”
Brady S
“Decisive Farming’s results year after year are the reason I recommend them to my neighbours.”
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“I was on another marketing service before Know-Risk. It’s more money but the value has been shown.”
Brady S
“We’ve been really happy with the customer service from Decisive Farming.”
Maurice B

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