From Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

As of May 1, 2011, soil moisture reserves were generally at least near normal or better across much of the province, with only a few areas of the province classified as below normal.
Ralph Wright, head of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s soil moisture unit, has recently posted a soil moisture map to the AgroClimatic Information Service (ACIS).

The recent soil moisture map shows that:

  • south of TransCanada Hwy, many areas have soil moisture reserves that are estimated to be at more than 1-in-25 year highs
  • west of Hwy 2 from Edmonton down to the U.S. border, soil moisture reserves are also generally well above normal with several areas estimated to be at more than 1-in-25 year highs
  • throughout most of central and northern Alberta, soil moisture reserves are variable, ranging from a pocket of 1-in-12 year lows just south of the City of, to 1-in-6 year highs through the Lloydminster area. In many of the drier parts of this area, producers saw well above normal precipitation during last year’s growing season and, as a result, they are generally optimistic
  • across the Peace Region, a return to normal-like precipitation patterns over the winter saw near normal to only slightly below normal snow pack accumulations for many areas. This along with a slow melt have helped to give soil moisture reserves a boost, but many areas still remain below normal for this time of year.

To view this soil moisture map, visit$Department/deptdocs.nsf/All/cl13291