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The harvest checklist for collecting accurate yield data

Farm Management Software Key to Food Traceability

A current buzzword in the food and agriculture sector is traceability. In simple terms, traceability is the ability to follow an item or group of items such as […]

  • herbicide carryover diagram

Herbicide Carryover Considerations

The 2015 growing season is not even into harvest yet, but there is already some considerations to be thinking about on your fields for crop planning in 2016. […]

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  • Stripe rust crop disease

Understand Your Crop’s Susceptibility to Disease

Diseases are always a concern in crops across western Canada; Even in a drier condition year, there is still disease apparent in many fields across the prairies. High […]

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  • Heat Stress and Yield

Why Hot Crops Can Mean Yield Drops

Every year summer comes and we in the agriculture industry dread the days that start to creep up on 30 degrees celcius.  This year with drier conditions the […]

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Herbicide Efficacy and Record Keeping

Every season herbicides get applied to crops and often the assumption is simply that the products worked, and worked at 100% efficacy. The reality of our herbicide applications […]

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Herbicide Resistance and Data Management– Take the Next Step

Herbicide resistance is a topic that comes up at every spray stage of the growing season – pre-burn, in-crop, pre-harvest and post harvest. This is a common theme […]

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New Wheat Varieties Make a Difference for Alberta Farmers

From Alberta Wheat Commission, Feb 2013:

“The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.”

-Thomas Jefferson-

Two new winter wheat varieties […]

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Canola Shows Response to Potassium in High Potassium Soils

From Steve Larocque, Beyond Agronomy:

The addition of potassium fertilizer has long been debated in our area due to the high background levels of potassium. Research from Alberta Agriculture […]

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Got Canola with Green Seed?

If you’re waiting for green seed counts to drop before combining canola, or if you have canola with high green seed counts sitting in a bin, quick action […]

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