Discover Clean Seed’s Secret Recipe to Cutting Edge Seeding Technology

An interview with Colin Rush, Chief Operating Officer of Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies
The keys to innovation are tools, processes and people. Join Colin Rush from Clean Seed Agricultural […]

The harvest checklist for collecting accurate yield data

Reducing Grower Downtime: Decisive Farming Remote Telematics Support

Spring 2014 marked the launch of Decisive Farming’s Remote Support program that featured telematic support for over 30 customers. Decisive Farming can now connect remotely via smart phone […]

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Decisive Farming Track N Go Video

Decisive Farming using the Track N Go

When  Ad Boivin had a new prototype track system to test out they must have known what a great team Decisive […]

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Practice makes perfect

With the rain keeping us out of the field, why not make the most of your time indoors and practice some valuable driving skills with an entertaining game, Steer your Deere, from agriculture.com. […]

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And the best seeding system is…

The Farm Progress Show is a great place for comparing seeding systems. Saskatchewan brand names are everywhere – Seed Hawk, Seed Master, Morris Industries, Bourgault, Harmon and K-Hart, […]

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Is your GPS ready for Spring

Every year we get ready for seeding and spraying which means we make sure the oil is changed in the equipment, the seed is cleaned and treated and […]

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