Spring 2014 marked the launch of Decisive Farming’s Remote Support program that featured telematic support for over 30 customers. Decisive Farming can now connect remotely via smart phone to their customer’s tractor-monitor and help them with any problems they have. “Being able to run a customer’s monitor from anywhere is a great tool that ensures our customers get the support they need, instantly” commented Garth Donald, Manager of Agronomy. With this service farmers are also able to connect their own device to their tractor remotely and track what an operator is doing in the field.

With a simple data connection a farm manager can see exactly what is happening on the monitor such as how fast it is going, and when they need to refill. The real strength of this program is that farmers don’t have to wait for Decisive tech-support to make it to the field or to try and learn the process over the phone. “Everyone is looking at the same screen and more than that; I can enter the information for them from anywhere” said Garth. The addition of telematics services reduces farmer downtime while enabling new operators to get the full support they need in the field. This is just one more avenue that Decisive Farming is using to ensure that their growing customer base receives the highest standard in care.

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At Decisive Farming, we offer highly effective farm management solutions to grain, oilseed and pulse farmers geared toward farm profitability and ease-of-use, our variable rate technology, crop marketing and information management services are setting the standard in quality and service.

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Decisive Farming is a Proud winner of the 2014 Tech Rev Innovators Award!