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Precision Agriculture Ready for the Mainstream

The concept of precision agriculture has been around since the early 1990s, but it has really only begun to gain widespread acceptance among North American growers over the […]

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3 actions that take your farm to the next level

Growers are always searching for the silver bullet to increasing efficiency, profitability, and yields in their farm operation. It’s all good having your Mulcher Chipper out on the […]

Herbicide Efficacy and Record Keeping

Every season herbicides get applied to crops and often the assumption is simply that the products worked, and worked at 100% efficacy. The reality of our herbicide applications […]

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New AutoRate Service Streamlines Field Management

More Reasons to Improve Efficiencies and Environmental Sustainability on the Farm. 

New AutoRate™ Service Provides a Streamlined Approach to Managing Crop Inputs, Carbon Credits and Farm Records.

Calgary, AB / […]

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Decisive Farming wins ASTech Award for Innovation in Agricultural Science

Decisive Farming was honoured to receive the 2014 ASTech award for Innovation in Agricultural Science, which was presented at the 25th Annual ASTech award gala, held in Edmonton AB […]

TechTour: Driving Market Decisions with Crop Marketing Software

Remi at the TechTour talking with Shaun Haney of realagriculture.com about the market and Know Risk.

Video: TechTour: Driving Market Decisions with Know-Risk Software

“The risks of waiting for a […]

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Adapting to Canada’s Changing Ag Landscape

Farming has been going through a lot of changes in recent years especially as the internet and handheld devices have landed on the farm and inside the tractor. […]

Weather Conditions are Strengthening in South America

In the main growing areas of Paraguay & southern Brazil additional systems will bring rain chances in the near future for areas where crops can still benefit from […]

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Risk Management for Your Crop Marketing Program

In the ever changing marketplace, here are some tools and steps to establish a more sophisticated approach to grain marketing.

Historically, grain marketing and profitability has been a challenge […]

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Know-Risk Agriculture Markets Update

It’s a new year, but we seem to have started 2013 the way we ended 2012, on the downside. The main focus is still on generally good […]

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