As the future of agriculture demands increased productivity, traceability, and sustainability, your role as a farmer becomes progressively more diverse. Throughout any given day, you’re managing everything at once – from overseeing financials in the office, to implementing best management practices in the field, to outsmarting markets around the world.

Things get busy. That’s not going to change. So why not embrace technology like a farm management system (FMS) to give you more headspace and time to spend where you’d like? A good FMS can centralize and connect the varied divisions of your farm, streamlining your team with easy access to tools for farm management, precision agronomy and crop marketing. When your information is stored in a central digitalized hub or platform, you no longer have to spend hours searching your office for old notebooks or binders containing your historical information or current crop plans and/or crop marketing information.

Debunking the myth.

You may believe that implementing new technologies like an FMS on your farm will add time and pressure to your already busy schedule, however, the opportunity to rely on information embedded in an FMS can transform how you approach crop planning, crop marketing, quality assurance and overall operation care. You’ll reap the benefits immediately, and beyond.

Some benefits include, but not limited to:

  • Saving hours back in administration time
  • Improved collaboration between farm team
  • Provide timely decisions
  • Have an accurate picture of your farm
  • Receive timely recommendations from trusted service providers
  • Improved access to information

Check out why it’s important to digitize your farm records here and how it will become part of your team’s daily routine.

The point of implementing an FMS is to simplify your life. Even though the requirements and features built into the FMS may be complex, your user experience shouldn’t be. Learning new technology is a process and let’s face it, it’s likely there will be moments of uncertainty. In this case, a complete FMS in one integrated platform that includes one-on-one expert support will build that trust and confidence you want to ensure implementation on your farm is successful.

Making the switch doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Don’t beat yourself up by saying “There’s too much to learn” or “I don’t remember how to do something in the platform or app!” You don’t have learn it alone or have to remember detail – who could possibly memorize all of it? As mentioned above, a complete FMS solution will provide boots on-the-ground support and training to streamline integration on farm and make sure these is minimal interruptions to yours and your team’s routine.

For instance, instead of devoting hours sitting down to enter records, work with a partner that will enter your information for you and provides you with flexible training to walk you through the implementation process (or even a reminder session) that fits with your schedule. Time is the most precious commodity we have. Yet, farming being the labour-intensive endeavor it is, means you often must put in very long hours – so why not get time back from performing traditional record keeping tasks? The right FMS can save you valuable hours and not add extra work to your already full plate.

Staying connected.

With so much at stake, you can’t afford for your FMS to let you down. In fact, it should give you peace of mind, freeing up your time for family and fun. Part of trusting your new system, especially when living and working rurally, is ensuring it will stay reliable even when internet connectivity may pose an issue.

An FMS with offline capabilities and autosave features takes the guesswork out of ensuring your information is safe and up to date. You’ll be able to rest assured you can rely on the digitally stored data embedded in the FMS helping to ensure the overall care of your operation.

Ready to integrate a farm management solution to take action when it matters most and boost your overall efficiency so you can enjoy more family time? Let’s get to work. Together. Check out our website (www.decisivefarming.com) for more information or contact your local Decisive Farming representative.