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Make farm management easier.

Your digital farm

A collaborative, whole-farm management solution allows you to organize tasks, allocate resources and record activities on your farm more efficiently. Extract insights from your digital farm information to make critical on-the-go decisions.

Information at your fingertips

Track your farm information

Keep tabs on your farm information as you add and complete activities throughout the season. From one place you can easily manage your storage, equipment, maintenance and more.

Put your farm information to work

Plan your crop year in advance and manage your crop production and field-profits wherever you are. Knowing your sales position on-the-go allows you to make confident decisions for your farm.

Spend your time where it’s most valuable

Invite your farm team and advisors to collaborate on your records. Keep everyone up to date with the information they need to help your farm be more profitable and efficient.

Articles to help you go out in the field with confidence

Farm management software eBook

How can farm management software support your farm?

Why use farm management software?

Farmers are responsible for managing an incredible amount of information that impacts their business.

Know what you have to sell

Collect, share and monitor all of your inventory data so you can work proactively – and not reactively.

Farm At Hand

Manage your farm like a pro with the next generation of Farm At Hand.