Farm Management

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farm more effectively

Information… everywhere

Farm information recorded on paper, in spreadsheets or across different systems by multiple members of your team makes decision-making more challenging, especially if you are trying to grow your farm business. Time sensitive decisions could be limited by the availability and accuracy of this information.

Your digital farm

A collaborative, whole-farm management solution empowers you to organize tasks, allocate resources and record activities on your farm more efficiently. Extract insights from your digital farm information to make critical, on-the-go decisions.

The empowered grower

Our farm management solutions consolidate farm information in a centralized, easy-to-use location available on desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Our software solutions empower you to realize greater efficiencies and accuracy in your business projections so you can better manage your sales position, capitalize on market trends and increase profitability.

When your farm records are up-to-date and accessible from any device, management decisions are simplified. Take action when it matters most and boost your overall efficiency so you can enjoy more downtime.

Our farm management solutions

Accurate &

• Manage your farm information on-the-go with less data entry and more efficient workflows

• Plan, then track, all on-farm activities and important field level information from field-specific fertilizer blends to overall crop mix

• Review and act on your agronomy, budget and crop marketing plans


• Collaborate with your team and business partners in real time

• Assign custom permission settings to expose any area of your farm to each added user

• Add trusted service providers for expert insights and service tracking to help resolve crop issues faster and with more accuracy


• Access farm records to make more informed and strategic decisions. Take action when it matters most to increase productivity and profitability

• Access historical field data including crop type, seeded acres, variety, budget, agronomic yield and rotations

• Share reports with your off-farm partners


• Know your sales position at-a-glance

Record all variable and fixed costs to help calculate your margin and break-even prices

Monitor total production, summarize budgets and net profit

My Farm Manager®

Your farm management platform – connecting your information to your people.


Manage your team, field tasks, inventory and auto-capture farm data.

Farm At Hand

Make farm management easier with simply designed, easy-to-use software.