Smart farm inventory management – and knowing exactly what you have to sell


From seed and product selection to strategic marketing, the days of harvest are central to everything, and that includes your farm inventory management. It’s a lot to juggle off the top of your head.

Farm management software helps you create a standardized system to easily collect, share and monitor all of your inventory data so you can work proactively – and not reactively. When you depend on mobile farming software for your farm inventory management, your farm can run more smoothly as you focus on field activity. Meanwhile, your farm management software tracks all that grain coming into the bin, saving you time, effort and ultimately, costs.    


Your farm management software optimizes inventory tracking and management 

Farm inventory management is more than just a quantity count. You’ve got multiple crops across all your acres, often on several locations, and fluctuating levels of grain stored in the bin. For each of these, you need a description, quantity in real-time as well as an attached value.

All these moving parts create endless amounts of information. There has to be a better way to keep track of it all beyond pen and paper or multiple spreadsheets. Furthermore, it should be easy to understand and put to use. Think of your farm management software as a translator, taking all those numbers and making them accessible and useful whenever, and for whatever, you need. 

 Use your farm management software to identify your inventory trends year-over-year. Then, create benchmarks so you can adjust operations as needed for even more success next season.


Know your worth

Good marketing plans with well-timed execution can help boost profitability. Central to managing risk and seizing opportunity is knowing exactly how much inventory you have, and its value. 

Your farm management software allows you to see in real-time exactly what you have so you can anticipate and plan strategically for tomorrow. This can help you conduct your business smoothly, without interruption, on schedule and proactively.

Streamline farm inventory management so you reap the max

Access to accurate information right when you need it is a must. With automated inventory management features, you always know exactly where things sit, while all tasks and financial reporting involved in your process are systematized.   

That means your mind is free to focus on making decisions that enhance your farm’s entire performance. Here are a few ways farming software helps you achieve more:


Know what’s in the bin. Your stored grain amounts are always changing. Using your farm management software to monitor quantity and quality will help you have a clear picture of what’s happening. Centralized mobile access is especially beneficial when your grain is stored over multiple locations. 

Monitor storage costs. Once grain is in the bin, it’s not a one-and-done. There are associated costs such as storage rent or fuel to run your grain dryer. It’s important to ensure these costs don’t override your inventory value. Let your farm management software take this labour, time and expense off your hands.

Handle with care. The value of even one truckload of grain is no small item – and those loads must be moved on time every time. An automated inventory management system clarifies the tasks and timing around grain handling, while tracking and reporting features ensure nothing gets lost in the mix.

Manage risk. Your farm management software helps you strategically plan for, monitor and fine-tune the storage and movement of your grain. Reduce lost quantity and quality while eliminating contract defaults with alert features.

Sell on time and sell strategically. In order to meet your grain contracts, it’s essential to know what’s in your bin. Additionally, having accurate, real-time insight means you can align your stored grain details with your annual marketing plan for increased profitability.


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