There can be a tremendous variation in grain prices from one buyer to another. Late last week I was checking out canaryseed prices. I’d heard that prices had improved to the 20 cent a pound range. While I did talk to a company paying 20 cents, I also talked to another than was still at 17. That three cents a pound or $1.50 per bushel is a big difference. Greg Kostal of Kostal Ag Consulting out of Winnipeg has been reporting a big and sudden price increase in yellow peas. Kostal says prices around $6 a bushel are available and I’ve seen other reports confirming that increase. However, you’ll still see prices listed that are only $4.50 to $5 a bushel, so not all buyers have upped the value. Mustard is another crop with a big price discrepancy. There are websites listing mustard prices of only around 15 cents a pound. However, the major mustard buyers have been paying significantly more. Quoting exact prices can be difficult because of freight differences and quality considerations. However, it pays to shop around and to keep your ear to the ground. It can take a lot of time to keep on top of markets. That’s why an increasing number of producers subscribe to one or more market newsletters. I’m Kevin Hursh.