Brad McDougald’s 2,500-acre farm in Drumheller, Alta., experienced a challenging season with a dry spell leading to reduced yields. Yet, through strategic soil health management and the adoption of high-tech solutions from Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture, McDougald’s farm outperformed expectations, cementing his commitment to innovative farming practices for sustainable future operations.

The challenge: sustainable farm practices

The farm needed to maintain crop health and yield in the face of adverse weather conditions. McDougald also sought to address the variability in soil nutrition within his fields to optimize fertilizer use and support the long-term health of his soil.

Brad wanted to enhance soil health and crop yield using precise, data-driven farming techniques, and to ensure the viability of sustainable farming for future generations.

The solution: implementing soil health strategies

For 17 years, McDougald has worked with Garth Donald, manager of agronomy at Decisive Farming, even before the company’s inception. Decisive Farming’s Optimize RX® offered tailored fertilizer formulas and variable rate nutrition to meet the unique needs of different field segments.

Implementation Steps:

  • Analysis of the farm’s soil and topography to identify nutritional needs.
  • Development of customized fertilizer prescriptions using the principles of the “Four Rs” of nutrient stewardship.
  • Application of variable rate fertilizing to maximize potential yield in nutrient-deficient zones while conserving inputs in nutrient-rich areas.

Enabling future generations’ success with Optimize RX, a soil health strategy.

In the long run, incorporating a soil health strategy will end up being the most cost effective solution for the next generation.

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The results:  vision for the future

McDougald’s farm saw an improvement in soil health and crop yields despite the dry season, demonstrating the efficacy of variable rate technology. Decisive Farming’s approach enabled McDougald to maximize each zone’s potential without waste, aligning with his vision for environmental sustainability and cost management.

By leveraging Decisive Farming’s solutions, McDougald’s farm became a testament to TELUS’ commitment to using technology to address global challenges, such as sustainable agriculture.

McDougald’s forward-thinking approach ensures that his farm remains adaptable and prepared for change, with a strong focus on soil stewardship for future generations of farmers.

McDougald’s story is a reflection of the transformative power of technology in farming, showcasing how adaptation and innovation can lead to enhanced sustainability and efficiency.