Heritage Farms, led by manager Allan Smirl for over a decade, has continuously sought innovative ways to improve their operations. In 2014, the farm began a partnership with Decisive Farming to enhance decision-making processes impacting the farm’s profitability.

The challenge: staying on the same page

Heritage Farms required a dependable partner to provide accurate and timely agricultural solutions. They needed a system to track applications throughout the growing season and facilitate collaboration with service providers, including agronomists. Additionally, the farm sought to capture and analyze yield data for future strategic planning.

Allan’s objective was to implement a comprehensive solution that streamlines communication among the farm team, accurately records application data, and provides actionable insights for agronomy, budgeting, and crop marketing.

The solution: partnering with Decisive Farming

Decisive Farming delivered a suite of tools to Heritage Farms, including Optimize RX® for variable rate applications, Know-Risk™ for crop marketing, and agronomic expertise for post-harvest analysis.

Implementation Steps:

  • Initiated agronomic consultations pre-seeding with Decisive Farming’s support team.
  • Integrated the full suite of Decisive Farming products for holistic farm management.
  • Enabled farm-wide communication and decision-making with cloud-based platforms like Farm At Hand.

Stop wasting time and get things done with Decisive Farming.

Combining boots-on-the-ground support, precision agronomy, including soil sampling and variable rate, digital record keeping, crop marketing tools and connected devices and sensors, it’s time to get the most out of your operation. 

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The results: improved communication, empowering decision making

The adoption of Decisive Farming’s solutions significantly bolstered communication within Heritage Farms, leading to more cohesive collaboration between Doug Heritage, Allan Smirl, and their agricultural team including third party service providers like their independent agronomist. This integration has resulted in an efficient, accessible record of applications and data-driven decisions.

With access to comprehensive data and expert consultation, Heritage Farms has been able to make well-informed decisions that directly impact the bottom line.

Doug Heritage attests to the positive outcomes of working with Decisive Farming, stating, “I’m empowered to make in-depth management decisions that directly influence my bottom line.”

Heritage Farms’ experience with Decisive Farming’s technology and services has led to improved operational efficiency and enhanced financial outcomes. The successful integration of these tools stands as a testament to the value they provide to modern agriculture.

Doug Heritage concludes, “The returns far outweigh the cost,” affirming the substantial benefits that Decisive Farming’s partnership has brought to Heritage Farms.