Kunz Farm in Beiseker, Alta., is a multifaceted operation focused on a sustainable future. With Pat Kunz at the helm, alongside his family, the farm has embraced soil health as the foundation for long-term success in their wheat, canola, barley, and pea rotation, as well as their cow-calf and feedlot operations.

The challenge: generational sustainability

Understanding and improving soil health beneath the surface is complex, especially given the farm’s commitment to generational sustainability and varying weather conditions.

Pat’s objective was to accurately assess and improve soil health, ensuring high productivity and environmental stewardship for future generations, while adapting to evolving farming practices.

The solution: implementing a soil health strategy 

In partnership with Garth Donald from Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture, the Kunz family has developed a sophisticated nutrient plan utilizing soil sampling, GPS-based testing, and variable rate technology.

Implementation Steps:

  • Regular soil sampling to assess organic matter and microbial activity, with an understanding of how different conditions impact soil structure and health.
  • GPS-based soil testing with Decisive Farming’s Sure Check to benchmark and analyze various soil characteristics.
  • Integration of Decisive Farming’s Optimize RX® variable rate technology to fine-tune fertilizer and seeding plans.



Forward thinking farming practices with Optimize RX, a soil health strategy.

Increase profitability, optimize input costs and move toward a sustainable model that will benefit your future generations.

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The results: forward thinking farming practices

The proactive soil health management strategy has put Kunz Farm on the path to increased yield, optimized fertilizer use, and a sustainable model that will benefit future generations.

More than a decade-long collaboration with Decisive Farming’s experts has guided Kunz Farm in developing practices that not only increase yield and profitability but also ensure the farm’s legacy.

By combining traditional observations with modern technology, Kunz Farm gains a detailed understanding of soil health, leading to tailored solutions that optimize input use and soil vitality.

Pat Kunz recognizes that agriculture is dynamic, and the farm must continually evolve. His focus on maintaining and enhancing soil health is key to adapting to future changes in the industry.

Kunz Farm exemplifies a commitment to soil health as the cornerstone of agricultural sustainability. Their partnership with Decisive Farming positions them to navigate and lead in an ever-changing agricultural landscape.

With an eye towards the future, Kunz Farm remains devoted to improving soil health, ensuring that their land remains fertile and productive for the coming generations.