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On October 29th 2014, Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) and Decisive Farming announced an exciting alliance, which will connect the equipment expertise of the largest Canadian Case IH Agriculture dealership with the precision agronomy knowledge of Decisive Farming, a leading provider of variable rate technology, crop marketing, and farm management software.

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For agricultural producers already doing business with RME, the alliance will mean expanded support on variable rate equipment and seamless integration with Decisive Farming’s variable rate services and award-winning My Farm Manager™ software platform.

This new relationship will significantly benefit all Decisive Farming customers with a complete solution for variable rate applications.

Improved support for high-tech equipment: RME and Decisive Farming have developed a comprehensive support system for Western Canadian agricultural producers. RME’s Ag Optimization Specialists (AOS) are integrating Decisive Farming’s RunTime™ support into their service and as a result can now deliver seamless support.

Integrating with cloud-based software: A major component of RME’s decision to work with Decisive Farming is the My Farm Manager web platform, which allows growers to manage farm information and business partners all in one place.  Jim Wood, Vice-President of Agriculture at RME stated “We see My Farm Manager as a major step to adding value for our customers and delivering on our brand’s promise of dependability.”

By providing Optimize RX™ to their customers, RME is leading the industry as they focus on farmer’s profitability and efficiency. For Decisive Farming, working with a major equipment dealership network will leverage the power of the My Farm Manager web platform to connect everyone on the farm, driving success for both businesses and the farm producer.

Decisive Farming’s variable rate program is known for its quality and consistent return on investment. Growers who use Optimize RX get a typical net return of $20 per acre and Decisive Farming customers who do their whole farm with Optimize RX have 96% retention rate – a satisfaction level that is second to none in the industry. With RME on our team, this success will grow.

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