Optimize RX

Your soil has a unique story.

With variable rate technology in your hands, you’ll apply the right amount of nutrients combined with the ideal seeding rate. We’ll work with you to look at the driving factors of each area of your farm and provide a tailored prescription based on the needs of each crop variety, field and zone. Optimize RX® enables you to manage your investments today to ensure the viability of your farm tomorrow.

Your complete solution for variable rate applications

With unmatched customer support designed to simplify precision agriculture, your crop plans and inputs will align to the capabilities of your equipment and your production goals.

Optimize production

• Rest easy knowing you’re maximizing every dollar spent on inputs and making the most of your acres

• Improve your overall crop input efficiency with our proven variable rate program

• Start managing each zone within the field based on its yield potential

Plan for success

Set targets – the effects of success will ripple across your entire farm

Easily adjust your plan along the way as you learn from your historical information

Keep improving by investing your dollars where it matters most

Streamline decisions

Make decisions confidently. No more losing sleep over the next big step

Make each choice on your farm a strategic one

Tailored fertility plans and production goals are based on specific nutrient needs


Optimize RX includes soil, water and topography data to provide the most accurate zones within the field. Each step in our streamlined process is geared towards increasing your farm’s potential.

Not all acres are equal. Optimal performance starts at the soil level.