With variable rate technology in your hands, you’ll apply the right amount of nutrients, combined with the ideal seeding rate. We’ll work with you, looking at the driving factors of each area of your farm to provide a tailored prescription based on the needs of each crop variety, field and zone. Optimize RX® enables you to manage your investments today, to ensure the viability of your farm tomorrow.

The Reward

With unmatched customer support designed to simplify precision agriculture for you, your crop plans and inputs will align to the capabilities of your equipment and your production goals.

Optimize Production

Plan for Success

Streamlined Decisions


Precise Field Boundaries

Reviewed and updated annually, using high-resolution imagery.

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Multi-Year Satellite Imagery Maps

Patented zone management system includes soil, water and topography information to ensure the most accurate composite zone maps.

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Multi-zone Soil Testing

Annual GPS benchmark samples provide precise measurements of your nutrient levels. Learn more.

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Agronomic Rates

Tailored fertility plans and production goals are based on the specific nutrient needs of your soil and of the crop being grown. Invest your dollars where it matters most.

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Prescription Files with RunTime® Equipment Test

Prescription files will be designed to match your equipment capabilities before you get to the field. Let us ensure your GPS equipment is connected and working properly before it’s time to get to work. Learn more.

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Yield Report Cards

Measure the success of your agronomic program with three complimentary yield analysis reports, plus an agronomic review with your agronomist. Learn more.

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Consistent and reliable soil testing providing reliable measure of nutrient requirements.


Total communication between your GPS, controller and seeding equipment.

Harvest Review

Dive even deeper into the quantified performance of your farm and validate your management practices.

Let’s explore It together

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